i no longer hear the music (not_orange) wrote in are_you_chinky,
i no longer hear the music

Michael Cho

I used to live in the area and now am currently living outside the country so I'm getting my info off the net; so sorry if I come off as a bit abrasive.

So here I go...

Have they done an autopsy to see if Cho was on any sort of medication/drugs/alcohol to cause him behave differently?

Did gang activity in the area cause the officers to behave more aggressively?

Is the La Habra PD equipped with non-lethal weapons?

Sorry I'm just sick of reading stuff off the net that say how great of a guy Cho was and other personal information that would not be known by the officers involved at the time. Perhaps he was, but Jeffery Dhalmer was reported to be a "nice" guy as well. While I agree that the amount of shots fired was excessive, and perhaps a first shot wasn't even warranted, but the way the story's being told is too one-sided. Maybe I'm wrong for being so indignant, just want some clarity.
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