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Witchdoctors and Assassins 2008 A.D. (NYC APIA Open Mic)

October 10th and 24th @ The Asian American Writers' Workshop
6:30 - 8:30 P.M.

A new reading series and open mic for Asian/Pacific Islander-American youth (from middle-school to recent college graduates) at The Asian American Writers' Workshop.

***PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE TWO SHOWS: October 10th AND 24th, 2008***

Who are the Witchdoctors and Assassins?

As bodies that have witnessed onslaughts of violence and trauma from
supremacist regimes, we are sounding out for decolonization. We refuse
to play the “victim” in the countless oppressions against us. If you
ask us who we are, we say we are “witchdoctors and assassins”*. By
assuming these roles, we are demonstrating our creative resistance
against the traditional act of “performing” our race, gender, class,
sexual identity, and beyond on the world stage.

We are Axis of Praxis, your resident arts collective, coming to you
with our interpretation of the revolutionary theater. As witchdoctors
and assassins, we will be actors in the conjuring and dispelling of
the violence and trauma that we have witnessed in its most personal
and destructive forms. We invite you not to become only spectators in
this process, but participants with your own stories and revolutionary
fervor. Join us as we don our masks in performance, become puppets,
and transcend the stage with an impromptu dance party. See that the
instances of oppression you have witnessed in your lives on a daily
basis is no less or disconnected from the headlines of Asian America—
whatever and however that body means to us and to you.

* Leroi Jones/ Amiri Baraka. The Revolutionary Theatre. Liberator,

Take the N, R, Q, W, F, B, D, V trains to 34th Street/Herald Square

For more info go to:

Axis of Praxis are:
-Krystle Cheirs
-Nafisa Ferdous
-Emmelle Israel
-Muriel Leung
-Jackie Mariano
-Elijah Kuan Wong
-Derek Yung
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