macy mae (one_plusnone) wrote in are_you_chinky,
macy mae

Hello there

MTV contacted me and wanted me to let you guys know that they're casting for a new episode of True Life: I'm Clashing with my Parents. Apparently they want to focus on the Asian American community and would like to hear from people about their experiences with immigrant parents and your "struggle" between your parents' culture and American culture.

Part of the message says:
"I saw you are the moderator of Are You Chink and I was wondering if you could message this to members, or post. A lot of times when we post people don't take it seriously, and think it is Spam. We are really interested in the Asian community, and hope to feature someone who is going through this situation. Our main goal of the show is to resolve the conflict between them and their parents, and have both sides understand each other better. We are looking for US residents between the ages of 16-24."

For more information, click here.
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